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Construction works finished :)

I’m glad to announce that I finished fixing the CSS for the new theme, and most of the widgets on the side. Even thought I’m not entirely satisfied with the look and feel of the theme, I think it’ll do for the moment. All links on the blog should work without a problem now, if you discover a broken link, please report it via the contact me page. Apropos new pages, you may have noticed now that I created the following pages: “About me”, “Projects” and “Contact me”. The names say it all :)

I’ve always wanted to take some time and blog on a regular basis, tried many times, but never had enough will to blog regularly. I hope I can do it now that I finished my studies, maybe with shorter posts and less personal stuff. I’d like to write more about the electronics projects I’m currently working on, and what interests me in this period of my life (believe me it’s much more different than 5 years ago, when I started this blog :)).

Have fun reading and commenting ;)