Ultimaker build: Days 3 and 4

(previous post in this mini-series here: Ultimaker build: Day 2)

The weather was too good to stay indoors and play with work on the Ultimaker all day yesterday and today, so we only spent like 3 hours yesterday to align the axis and get started with the software yesterday.

We even managed to print a thing:

Today was the tweaking day, so we were fiddling with parameters, trying to find a winning combination. We had to fix a leak between the heating block and the nozzle (if you’re building an Ultimaker, you should out some teflon tape between the brass piece and the nozzle, it will save you some trouble later on).

Once that was fixed, we could do some good prints. As I’m writing these lines, the machine is printing four feet for itself simultaneously:

Verdict at the end of this exciting project: The Ultimaker is a very decent machine. It can achieve great speeds and resolution. I think build time is short compared with the learning phase and getting familiar with the machine’s properties and behavior with different things to be printed. But that is something Frank will have to keep up with.

My journey with this nice machine is over, the next two days we will work on some other projects (and enjoy the beach). But now my mind is constantly busy with the question “how can I make money to get an Ultimaker” :D

Thanks for reading this mini-series, I hope it was informative/fun for you.

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