Ultimaker build: Day 1

A good friend bought an Ultimaker, but he did not have the time to build it, and since he lives in a country I didn’t get the chance to visit (Holland) I offered to visit him and build it for him. So the challenge is to transform this:

into something like this (working):

This is not the first time I mount a 3D printer, a few weeks ago I helped mounting an Orca 3D printer that will be at the heart of the FabCafe in betahaus. A printer that is also based on the Reprap project, but with different engineering choices. Most significant difference I noticed so far is that the Orca (which is cheaper than an Ultimaker) uses water-jet-cut anodized aluminum plates for the structure, unlike the wood on the Ultimaker. It is heavier, and feels much much much (three times) more solid than the Ultimaker’s wood, which I almost broke twice when I fastened two bolds too much.

Anyway, I was patient enough to RTFM, verify the contents of the kit, and get tools and workspace ready. After two hours of work, this is the result:

So far so good, build instructions are very good (not perfect), and I haven’t encountered a problem so far.

One word I have to say in favor of a small tool I always laughed at, which is the Bosch IXO. This small electric screwdriver that I used to perceive as a useless gadget with the target audience: “desperate housewives”, proved to be madly helpful! It saved me at least one hour, if not more, of just screwing and unscrewing. Because it is so small and light, it fits this application perfectly. Thumbs up here!

 Construction continues tomorrow, with the ambitious goal of getting it up and running before dinner (maybe too high expectations), but we’ll see…

(Ultimaker build: Day 2)

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