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Scholarship to study in MASDAR Institute/ Abu Dhabi

Another scholarship opportunity I found in my mailbox, and which I decided to share with my readers :).
This one is not in the US neither in a EU country, but it is simply in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The MASDAR institute represents the vision of the future for the local government, and in addition to building a state of the art carbon neutral city fueled by renewable energies, the idea is to import knowledge, so they established a partnership with MIT, and now it is possible to do a masters in engineering there. 
I personally have a bad experience with newly found universities (especially in the arab world), but for a poor student this car be the door to a new dimension. Trying costs nothing :)

The MASDAR Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce full scholarships to highly qualified graduate students from around the world. (6-10 scholarships are available to U.S. students).

The MASDAR Institute is the centerpiece of the MASDAR Initiative, a landmark program by the government of Abu Dhabi to establish an entirely new economic sector dedicated to alternative and sustainable energy. The MASDAR Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent, research-driven institute developed with the support and cooperation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT provides assistance in recruitment of faculty members and senior administrative staff and the provision of course curriculum, amongst other matters. The Institute is located inside the world’s first carbon neutral, zero waste Masdar City which will be powered solely by alternative energy, mainly solar energy.

The Institute offers Masters and (in 2011) PhD programs in science and engineering disciplines, with a focus on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. It welcomes and encourages applications from qualified students and provides scholarships to talented students who meet its high admission standards.

Beginning September 2009, the MASDAR Institute will offer five 24-month Master of Science programs (coursework and thesis).

  • MSc in Engineering Systems and Management

  • MSc in Information Technology

  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering

  • MSc in Water and Environment

Full scholarship is available to qualified talented students who meet its high admission standards which include appropriate TOEFL score, GRE and an excellent CGPA from a recognized university.  A minimum CGPA of 3.0 (on a 4 point scale) or 2:1 in the British system, minimum TOEFL score of 577, and a minimum GRE quantitative score of 700 are the basic requirements without which an applicant will most likely not be considered.

Students accepted into the Masdar Institute will be offered a full scholarship which includes the following:

  • 100% tuition fee scholarship

  • Textbooks

  • Laptop

  • Medical Insurance

  • Housing in a single unit apartment (at the Masdar campus)

  • International students will receive reimbursement of travel expenses (economy class air-ticket) into Abu Dhabi and back home after completion of studies. Travel expenses (return economy class air-ticket) back to the student’s home country at the end of the 1st year of studies will also be reimbursed.

  • Reimbursement of TOEFL and GRE exam fees (upon registration at Masdar Institute and submission of original receipts)

  • A competitive stipend per month (cost of living allowance).

  • No bond or conditions to the scholarship upon graduation

The scholarship and benefits are subject to the student maintaining a minimum CGPA as determined by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and satisfactory progress on their research.

Details of faculty profiles, current research, programs offered, course description, scholarships, and other information is available on the website at

Any questions about the Institute and scholarships may be directed to Stephen Lee, Assistant Provost, at

Good luck!

The End of the US?

In 1998, during an “Information Walfare” conference in Austria, Prof. Panarin from Russia predicts -in front of 400 fellows- the end of the United States of America in 12 years (2010).

His argument was that the economic system would collapse, and helped by moral and social degradance, a civil war will take place between the wealthier and the poorer states, and it would result in dismanteling the USA into 6 parts detailed in the map below.The world is now devided between supporters of this scenario and people who are laughing at the idea.

I think that although the US are facing a very hard period (maybe the hardest) in their history, there is no possibility of division of the states. We all know the result of the last American civil war. Maybe the US will be very weakened internally and internationally, but the Americans wouldn’t give away their freedom and go hide under the umbrellas of the other forces in the world.

For more infos about the guy and his thesis, click on this link.